Frequently Asked Questions

Inclusive publishes two editions in a year. The first edition normally comes in July last week and the second one is published in December last week.

Author guidelines are available under ‘Submission Portal’ which are to be followed correctly.

There are no publication fees or any hidden cost. However, a processing fee is accepted from the authors to defray the cost of publications, maintenance of website and logistical support.

No. Authors are asked to note that depositing the processing fee doesn’t ensure publication in the journal. Publications are made on the basis of merit, Peer Review and editorial decision.

It is clearly mentioned in the guidelines/instructions that the processing fee is non-refundable. Authors are asked to carefully go through the guidelines before submission of paper and payment of processing fee. They are advised not to submit and pay the processing fee if they expect refund after rejection of the paper. Any pressure or persuasion/repeated calls/requests/unfair behaviour/misconduct is strictly prohibited.

Yes, if requested authors are given acceptance letter after selection of his/her paper. Otherwise, authors are informed about the status of the paper (rejected or selected) by E-mail only.

Approximately two months is needed to complete the process of two-step review depending on the time taken by the expert reviewers.

No. Authors are advised not to submit more than one paper for publication in the same edition.

No. Re-submission is disallowed without prior approval. But revision and modifications are allowed upon reviewer's observations.

No. Please note payment of processing fee before paper-submission is disallowed. Also no payment is allowed before approval mail is sent from the journal authority to the contributor for the deposit.